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These ReAction Figures Will Reshape the Future by Changing the Past

In the Year of Darkness, 2029, the rulers of the planet devised the ultimate plan to reshape the future by changing the past. That plan required something that felt no pity and no fear – something unstoppable. The Terminator. The future is in his hands.

Between Skynet’s artificially intelligent machine network and John Connor’s Tech-Com forces (and the rest of the human race) come these Terminator ReAction Figures. Each poseable ReAction Figure is done in the retro Kenner style and features 5 points of articulation. At 3 3/4-inches tall, they’re the perfect size to build your Terminator army.

The Chrome T-800 from the 1980s classic action flick The Terminator is the perfect size for desk display at work or at home. The Terminator Chrome T-800 ReAction Retro Action Figure from Super7 and Funko comes with shotgun and machine gun accessories. It has a silver finish – just like your old C-3PO figure – that makes this an awesome collectible for every fan of the James Cameron movie! Also available is the T-800 Leather Jacket ReAction Figure, featuring an astounding likeness to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the T-800 Endoskeleton ReAction Figure.

Round out the gang with Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, and Terminator One Tech Noir ReAction Figures. Each figure is fully poseable and makes a great addition to every display. The Sarah Connor figure features a great likeness to Linda Hamilton. Michael Biehn’s Kyle Reese comes with trenchcoat, pistol, and shotgun accessories. And who can forget the Terminator in his tech noir jacket, complete with Uzi and shotgun accessories?

These epic figures are currently available at Entertainment Earth so order yours today!

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