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SPOILERS: First Look at The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Back on December 17, 1982, a little film called The Dark Crystal debuted, featuring puppetry that was revolutionary for its time. Set in the world of Thra, the movie told the story of the orphan Jen, who sets out to find the missing shard from the Crystal to restore balance to the world and defeat the evil Skeksis who rule their world. The legendary Jim Henson, who gave us the Muppets and was one of the film’s directors and writers, called designing the characters and world of the movie “probably the hardest thing I’ve ever worked on,” and also, “the most fun,” and “the most rewarding.” On an estimated $15 million dollar budget, the movie made over $40 million in the United States.

The Dark Crystal went on to develop a cult following that is still strong today. So strong that Netflix decided to create The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance TV series, due to be released August 30, 2019. Once again set on the world of Thra, the ten-episode series serves as a prequel to the movie and follows the adventures of three Gelflings who, after learning of the secret behind the Skeksis’ power, try to start a revolution to save their planet. The series features a stellar cast voicing the characters, including Taron Egerton, Mark Hamill, Harvey Fierstein, Keegan-Michael Key, Simon Pegg, Andy Samberg, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Anna Taylor-Joy, and more.

Never one to miss out on a sure thing, Funko blitzed a first look at The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance figures. And for those that haven’t seen publicity photos or the teaser trailer (above), they may contain some spoilers.

Funko’s list of Age of Resistance collectibles includes the two of the three aforementioned Gelflings, a Podling, a Skeksis in hunter armor, a “Silk Spitter,” and of course, Aughra.



Twitter / Netflix

The first of the Gelflings – Rian (voiced by Taron Egerton) – is a guard of the Castle of the Crystal and, as such, his action figure comes with a dagger and potion bottle. In the teaser, we see Rian in action using his dagger to fight off the Hunter Seksis strikes.



Twitter / Netflix

Deet (voiced by Nathalie Emmanuel) is a female Gelfling and is one of the lead protagonists of the upcoming show. Her action figure features her beautiful wings, while her Pop! vinyl comes with a little unknown friend (possibly a baby Nebrie?).


Youtube / Netflix

Hup (voiced by Victor Yerrid) is a young Podling. Both his Pop! and action figure have a much-needed spoon accessory as we know that Podlings love their music and food.

Hunter Skeksis


YouTube / Netflix

This blade-wielding warrior is a Hunter Skeksis. It features bone armor and multiple blades to attack the main characters of Age of Resistance.

“Silk Spitter”


YouTube / Netflix

Colloquially known as “Silk Spitters,” the Arathim are a race of intelligent, non-humanoid, arthropodic creatures. We are glad to see this species in the teaser and represented in action figure form.



YouTube / Netflix  

We also get a younger Aughra. Missing from her Pop! and action figure is her third eye, which we see for a split second in the trailer.

So now you can watch the series on Friday then start your collection the day after. Whether you are a long time fan of the original film or are new to the world of Thra, Funko’s Dark Crystal action figures and Pop! Vinyl figures are a welcome, and unique, addition, to anyone’s collection. Join in on the fun!

Notably absent from this first blitz of Funko collectibles is Brea (voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy), Fizzgig, or Landstriders. What Dark Crystal creature do you hope to see in the new series and in toy form? Let us know in the comments.  



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