Review: Immerse Yourself in Marvel Knowledge with This Outstanding Addition to Your Library

Whether your shelf is mostly covered in leather-bound classics, vinyl encased comics, or collectible action figures, we have got the perfect addition to bring it all together. If you’ve ever been confused about the exact layout of the Marvel world, or the rich histories of the characters who people it, this book is the perfect solution. For reference, for deep-dives, and for pleasurable reading, you’ve got to get a hold of DK Publishing’s latest masterpiece.

The first thing that strikes you when you pick up The Marvel Book: Expand your Knowledge of a Vast Comics Universe is just how heavy it is. For a smaller-sized hardcover, this is one dense volume. With beautiful page layouts, thick with full-color illustrations, you can open to a random page and discover entire worlds in clear, digestible formats. No book has ever come close to laying bare the epic world of the Marvel Universe with half as much clarity and detail. While it is no substitute for thousands of pages of comics or hundreds of hours of movies, it is a guidebook that spares little in order to bring the world of Marvel into the palm of your hand.

Organized into the key areas of The Multiverse, Science and Tech, War and Peace, Cosmic Forces, Magic, and the Supernatural, and Alternate Realities, this book provides a webwork of information that will help you map your understanding of this beautifully constructed world. Summaries are succinct, but nothing feels rushed or brushed over, as this book manages to cover so much history in under 300 pages. With an exhaustive glossary and detailed index at the end, it’s easy to find the information you seek quickly, or you can sit down and read this cover-to-cover.

In all the books that we’ve reviewed from DK Publishing, this one could be the most wonderfully executed and sets the bar high for other compendiums to come. Improve your shelf by ordering your Marvel Book now from Entertainment Earth!



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