These Funko Pop! Vinyls Are Weird, but We Like Them

Funko Pop! A Bug's Life

Sometimes it takes the most clumsy heroes to stumble their way through a plot and save the day. Clumsy doesn’t mean unlovable, and it certainly doesn’t mean that somebuggy can’t learn from their trial and error, eventually get something right! Enter our clever but faltering hero, Flik! Despite his many failures and embarrassments, Flik never gave up. Because of that, a certain ant colony is much safer today than it was before this little bug accidentally enlisted a circus troop to protect them!

Heimlich was a part of said circus troop. Our favorite, fluffy little caterpillar may have been a chubby bug, but that didn’t take away his relatability! Who doesn’t want to eat and eat, then go to sleep and wake up a beautiful butterfly? I mean, sure, it’d be a little unnerving at first, but that’s future you’s problem! Pass the pizza!

What’s an adventure without a stubborn and occasionally stuck up heroine? Princess Atta is a complicated little bug, but really, who isn’t? She’s not snooty, she just knows what she wants, and doesn’t appreciate it when clumsy ants make unfortunate attempts at saving the day. Through that tough exoskeleton is a heart of gold, though, and she warms up to all of our heroes eventually.

Pre-order our very favorite buggies in Funko Pop! form today! You never know when you’ll need protection from an evil grasshopper invasion.

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