Challenge Your Balance Skills With This Hoverkraft Levitating Game

ThinkGeek Hoverkraft Levitating Construction Challenge

Have you mastered the art of stacking Cheerios on your baby’s face? Do you find yourself balancing random objects on your dinning room table? Can you make a house of cards out of a full deck? Maybe it’s time that you took on a new building challenge. Now you can take on the insane task of defying gravity itself.

The Hoverkraft Levitating Construction Challenge takes construction games to the next level. Players take turns stacking pieces on a platform that levitates in the air. Yes, in the air. Yes, like a hoverboard. No, you are not standing in a Sharper Image store in 1989 looking at something you could never afford – this game uses magnetic repulsion to present you with a challenge that you have never faced before: building structures in the air.

Stack translucent game pieces higher and higher, challenging yourself and friends. You can take turns, play cooperatively, or challenge yourself solo to make the biggest and best possible floating construction. This set includes a playing board with floating platform, 24 plastic blacks, game-specific die, and a block storage tray. If you choose to follow the rules, you can play with 1-8 players. This ground-breaking puzzle game is available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth!

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