These Xenomorph Plushies Just Want Hugs


The Xenomorph life cycle is a long and treacherous one. Starting out as eggs and eventually leading to bursting out of a host’s chest cavity. It must be exhausting! I’m sure the poor little guys would enjoy a nice hug every now and then for a job well done. Now you can get the softest embrace imaginable with the Aliens Facehugger and Chestburster Poseabale Plushies!

Once hatched, the Facehugger wants nothing more than to give you a big smooch. Experience total comfort as he clutches your head in his loving grip. This plush collectible is made from extremely high-quality material, for maximum softness. The extra great thing about this must-have item is that the “fingers” of the Facehugger have a wire skeleton that can bend in any direction for maximum poseability! Measures approximately 15 1/4-inches long x 14 1/2-inches wide, with poseable fingers measuring 8-inches each at full extension.

The next stage of the Xenomorph is the Chestburster, aptly named for the chest bursting it does out of the chosen host’s body. Once he’s done incubating, this little fella will make his grand debut as a snake-like creature with tiny arms (they’re also known for singing a swell show tune number). This 1:1 scale replica is officially licensed by 20th Century Fox and is made of smooth velour that matches the color of the movie design. This soft plush is 48 inches long and is fully poseable thanks to the the wire running inside from head to tail. The arms, teeth, and jaws are all finely detailed, which makes it hard to resist cuddling up with this sweet parasite.

These plushies are recommended for ages 3 and up. Make sure to place your order with Entertainment Earth now before they skitter away!

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