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This Groot Is Ready to Rock. Obviously.


Everyone’s favorite character from the Guardians of the Galaxy is back and ready to party down. You can control the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Rock N’ Roll Groot as he dances, spins, talks, and lights up!

Groot includes two play modes to choose from: Manual and Listen. Manual mode lets you control Groot’s dance moves with the remote control, and the song “Flashlight” will play. In Listen mode if you put Groot near a speaker and play music he will dance to almost any song! Groot can brighten your room with the lights in the base.

Groot’s remote looks like the Awesome Mix Vol. 2 cassette from the new film and has a button to hear 4 different “I am Groot” phrases. When Groot dances, if he spins down on his side you can use the remote to spin him back upright again!

Groot will be available in March, so place your pre-orders with Entertainment Earth now!




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