This Joker and Harley Bookend Statue is the Bomb


We’ve all the issue of keeping our books or trade paperbacks on a shelf and not having enough to fill the shelf from end to end. What happens? The books fall over and they don’t look so good displayed this way. Then the mighty Gods above invented bookends and our book collections were saved! But now, they’ve upped the ante and made bookends extremely cool looking and they don’t get better than this Joker and Harley Quinn bookend statue!

What better to keep your books perfectly upright than a statue of The Clown Prince of Crime and his maniacal right hand? The statue features Joker and Harley in a very cartoonish stylized fashion. Joker holding his abnormally long pistol with the bang flag firing out of the barrel and Harley holding the classic acme style bomb. But wait…there’s more! If you pushed the two bookends together you see that Batman has been captured and his tied to a bomb with a clock across his chest and he’s not too happy about it.

The styling of the figures is fresh and new and gives a great take on all three iconic comic book characters. It’s the perfect piece for any collector to pair with his or her books. The statue measures about 8 3/4-inches tall and has a limited run of 5,000 so you have to act fast!

Get this statue for your display now or find yourself tied to the bomb of having sub-par bookends keeping your collection vertical!




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