SPOILERS: Thor: Ragnarok Funko Collectibles Reveal Major Character Details

Funko has pulled out all the stops with its line of Thor: Ragnarok products. And we at Entertainment Earth have you covered – but be warned: SPOILERS ahead!

Image: Funko

First up: Thor: Ragnarok Mystery Minis Display Case. This is a real doozy, the most spoiler-filled Mystery Mini box yet. You’ve got the chance to get:

  • Bruce Banner:  We already knew the Hulk would face off against buddy Thor in the arena, but this confirms we’ll see him when he’s not so angry, too.
  • Gold Grandmaster
  • Surtur:  This confirms that Hela’s monster will appear to wreak havoc.
  • Gladiator Hulk
  • Valkyrie
  • Skurge:  After catching a glimpse of Karl Urban’s baddie in the trailer, it’s nice to see him in adorable Mini form.
  • Odin:  But is this the real All-Father or is it Loki in disguise…?
  • Heimdall: No helmet, rocking the dreadlocks.
  • Loki
  • Gladiator Thor
  • Grandmaster

And, the biggest spoiler of the set:

  • Miek: In the comics, this Sakaar warrior appeared in the Planet Hulk storyline; director Taika Waititi confirmed that he would appear in the movie, but this is our first look at the MCU take on the character.

Image: Funko

Next up, Thor: Ragnarok Pop! Figures! Choose from:

  • Gladiator Thor: The Asgardian hero has his full beard and short hair, as well as a blaster gun in hand.
  • Sakaarian Loki: Thor’s adopted brother has forgone his usual horned helmet and is wearing a blue outfit with a gold-lined cape, and has a pair of daggers in his hands. Does the dagger-wielding Loki figure suggest that he’ll help his brother bust out of the gladiatorial planet?
  • Masked HelaShe is an intimidating presence, with her antlered helmet and white eyes.
  • Heimdall: He is poised to kill, broadsword in hand and red cape flowing behind him. He, too, has cast aside his usual helmet and is quite striking with his dreadlocks and gold eyes.
  • Scavenger Valkyrie: She means business with her svelte outfit, pulled back hair, and double daggers.
  • Helmeted Gladiator Hulk: He is wearing a classic centurion-style helmet and carrying a hammer of his own, this war-painted Hulk isn’t about to let old friendships stand in his way.

Each Pop! figure stands 3 3/4-inches tall and comes packaged in a themed window box for easy display.

Image: Funko

For those that prefer the even cuter Thor: Ragnarok Dorbz:

  • Thor: This Dorbz has a variant randomly inserted. One version is Gladiator Thor with his helmet, shield, and facepaint. The other is a longer-haired Thor with the head of Surtur in one hand, obviously from a pre-Sakaar section of the movie. Most likely from when he was chained up in the fiery realm of Muspehlheim, Surtur’s home turf?
  • Loki: Again, in his blue Sakaarian outfit.
  • Hela: Helmeted and caped.
  • Hulk: In his gladiator gear.

Image: Funko

And, last but not least, the Pop! Keychains:

  • Hulk: In half of his arena armor, missing his centurion helmet and hammer.
  • Hulk: No longer in his gladiator gear, Hulk is playing it casual with a few necklaces and a tribal-style skirt and belt. Does this imply that we’ll be spending most of the movie on the Planet Hulk storyline, perhaps even delving into Hulk leading the Warbound?
  • Thor: Dressed for combat in the arena with full helmet and weapons.
  • Loki: A vision in blue with dual daggers at the ready.

Each keychain is 1 1/2-inches tall and comes packaged in a window box.

The full line of Funko Thor: Ragnarok collectibles will be hitting shelves just prior to the movie’s release, so don’t delay: order now and get some insider knowledge of the next installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!




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