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This Saitama Action Figure Has a Surefire Recipe for Superhero Sucess

One Punch Man

It’s the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue: just how is the puny-looking, totally average Saitama able to fell the world’s most powerful fighters with just one punch?

Turns out it’s not that hard. All you have to do is follow these simple rules:

  1. One hundred push-ups.
  2. One hundred sit-ups.
  3. One hundred squats.
  4. And run 10 kilometers — EVERY DAY!

But if you’d rather just skip all of that and let Saitama do the dirty work for you, Threezero has released the fabulous One Punch Man Saitama 1:6 Scale Action Figure.

Standing 12-inches tall, Saitama is highly customizable with 2x interchangeable heads (1 unusually serious and 1 featuring his typical comical expression), 3x pairs of interchangeable gloved hands (1 pair relaxed, 1 pair fists, and 1 pair gripping). As always, One Punch Man is wearing his yellow tailored hero suit complete with white cape.

But that’s not all! Additional accessories include:

  • 1x “Munageya” supermarket shopping bag.
  • 1x snap-lock coin purse
  • 1x package of crab claws
  • 1x leek

Finally, you can breathe a little easier knowing that Saitama’s on hand to save the day with a single punch. Order today and the unlikeliest of superheroes will be joining your collection within the year!

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