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Cowabunga Dudes! The Turtles Are Here To Crash Your Collection!

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While they may have taken their names from renaissance rivals, these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Eastman 1:6 Scale Action Figures are teaming up to serve justice and maybe a slice or two of pizza!

Fun-loving Mikey comes with his own set of throwing stars, two nunchaku, and Kusarigama to fight off would-be bad guys. When he’s done taking down baddies though, he’s also got a grin on his face and his trusty skateboard by his side.

The more serious of the two, Leonardo’s jaw is set in a sneer and he’s ready to do battle with his katanas, short knife, and half-moon, handheld blade. He’s a serious warrior about to get down to some serious business!

Both turtles feature over 25 points of articulation and stand just under 11 3/4-inches tall, with PVC arms that feel close to the real thing. Turtles fans are sure to love these awesome action figures that features two of everyone’s favorite crime-fighting reptiles at their most radical – these mondo mutants are the perfect addition to any nostalgic collection!

These turtles are set to emerge from the sewers early next year, so be sure to pre-order yours from Entertainment Earth today and receive free shipping.

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