Time for Holiday Decorating with Doctor Who


Whovians, get ready, because this holiday season is about to get wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey.

Prepare for the holidays by decorating with the Doctor. Use these Doctor Who ornaments to spruce up your tree!

The Doctor Who TARDIS Ornaments are a fun recreation of the space-time travelling vehicle used by the Time Lords of Gallifrey. The TARDIS ornament even features that handy sign from the Doctor’s police box – free for use of public!

Doctor Who isn’t complete without his arch enemies – the Daleks! Daleks may want to eradicate all other life forms but they make awfully cute ornaments as these Dalek Ornaments. Let the Doctor’s mutant enemy patrol the pines of your tree this winter.

If Daleks aren’t your cup of tea, perhaps your tree is missing a Cyberman Ornament. This glass ornament gives life to one of the Doctor’s most persistent enemies.

Here’s one dog that won’t drink out of the Christmas tree stand! The Fourth Doctor’s companion can now decorate your Christmas tree. The K-9 Ornaments feature the smart, dog-like robot who served as a companion to Professor Marius, the Fourth Doctor, Leela, Romana, Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith, and Starkey.

Before he gets himself into another wild adventure, make sure the Eleventh Doctor and Sonic Screwdriver Ornaments grace your tree! These ornaments showcase the Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith, as well as a truly magnificent piece of Gallifreyan technology.

No tree is complete without classic orb ornaments. The 11 Doctors Glass Ball and the Starry Nite Painted Glass Ball ornaments bring that classic touch while keeping your Whovian side strong.

These stupendous Doctor Who holiday decorations are currently available at Entertainment Earth.

» See all Doctor Who ornaments

tardis blow mold

» Pre-order TARDIS 4 1/2-Inch Blow Mold Ornament

tardis figural

» Order 4 1/4-Inch TARDIS Figural Ornament

red dalek drone

» Order 5-Inch Red Dalek Drone Ornament


» Pre-order Yellow Dalek Drone Christmas Ornament


» Order Blue Dalek 2 1/2-Inch Figural Ornament

red dalek blow mold

» Order Red Dalek Blow Mold Christmas Ornament


» Order Cyberman Head Glass Christmas Ornament

k9 blow mold

» Order K-9 4 1/2-Inch Blow Mold Ornament

k9 figural glass

» Order K-9 Figural Glass Christmas Ornament


» Doctor and Screwdriver Figural Ornament 2-Pack


» Order 11 Doctors Glass Ball Christmas Ornament


» Order Starry Nite Inside Painted Glass Ball Ornament


» Doctor Who 2-D Printed Ornament Gift Box



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