Face Off Against the Xenomorphs with New Alien Titans Mini-Figure 2-Packs

Alien Titans Mini-Figure 2-Packs

Travel back to 1979 aboard the spaceship Nostromo with brand new Alien Titans 3-inch vinyl mini-figure 2-packs from Titan Merchandise!

The ship creaks in the darkness and all you can hear is your panicked breathing. Suddenly you turn and see a flash of movement. Do you remember how frightening the popular sci-fi film from Ridley Scott is?

Well, now you can because these awesome 2-packs recall the deadly encounters between Ripley, Chief Engineer Parker, and the alien.

The first set reenacts the final confrontation between our protagonist and villain. Big Chap aka the infamous Xenomorph who Ripley faces off against, comes with an acid spatter deco. In the window-box packaging, there is also a Nostromo interior, which really pulls the whole set together.

Big Chap is back again… and this time he’s out for blood – Chief Engineer Parker’s blood! These two figures face off against a background displaying an egg nest interior and the Xenomorph comes with blood spatter deco.

The figures all measure 3-inches tall and have the unique Titan stylizing.

If you think you can handle the Xenomorphs, the 2-packs are currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth, with an expected arrival of October 2015.

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