Start Your Weekend Off Right with Tom Hiddleston Doing the Weather

Ah, Friday, you can just taste the weekend.

If you’re getting the itch for sweet, sweet freedom, then I have just the thing for you.

On his promotion tour for his new film I Saw the Light, Tom Hiddleston swung by Chicago’s Fox 32 channel to do the weather: as Loki, from Thor. Sort of.

He’s just as charming as he always is, and it’s not hard to remember why just a couple of years ago he was the heartthrob in Hollywood.

Appropriately blaming his brother, Thor, the God of Thunder, for the poor weather, Loki/Tom says it’s “going to rain a hell of a lot.”

If this isn’t a good start to the weekend, I don’t know what is, so enjoy!

Source: YouTube



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