DC Bombshells Are the Latest and Greatest to Join Your Doll Collection

The ever-popular DC Comics Bombshells line continues to grow from art prints, morphing mugs, statues, pint glasses, and now gorgeous DC Bombshells Tonner Dolls!

Based on the gorgeous 1940s redesigns of popular DC Comics female characters, Tonner presents dolls of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Harley Quinn!

Channeling her inner Rosie the Riveter, Wonder Woman is here to inspire. There’s so much detail on the doll, including an embroidered “W” on her knit top and printed white stars on her knit shorts. She looks like she walked straight out of the fabulous ’40s, with her yellow bandana atop her black removable wigged hair.

She also wears faux leather boots and belt, alongside her lasso, silver cuffs, and nude pantyhose. Her hand-painted face showcases great colors.

The girl from Krypton is here to save Metropolis! Supergirl’s blue striped taffeta dress shines as her skirt flounces. The red corset with the “S” emblem gleams. A red chiffon scarf is draped across her neck, with her blonde rooted saran hair tumbling over it.

She has blue gauntlets, white thigh-high socks, and faux leather red boots. Her cocked left wrist and knee complete the look of a superhero from decades past.

The Harley Quinn doll doesn’t have pictures yet but we will update the article as soon as we get them. For the time being, you can appreciate her Bombshells inspired design outfit, knowing she’ll be a truly beautiful Tonner doll.

Riding a rocket that reads “Gotham or Bust!”, Harley looks particularly eager for danger as she flaunts a gun in her left hand. She wears greens, reds, and blacks with diamond prints. Her blonde pigtails and scantily clad appearance make her a fan favorite.

These dolls are a must-have for any collection and are limited to 500 pieces! Each stands 16-inches tall and looks stunning. They’re currently available at Entertainment Earth with free shipping, with Supergirl scheduled to arrive in May and Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn in October.

DC Comics Bombshells Wonder Woman DC Stars Tonner Doll

Superman DC Comics Bombshells Supergirl DC Stars Tonner Doll

Batman DC Comics Bombshells Harley Quinn DC Stars Tonner Doll



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