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Top 12 Great Gifts for the Holiday Season

Top 12 Gifts

Give some cheer to someone special this Holiday season, and get a deal on these collectibles. From exclusive Batman to Transformers to Star Wars action figures, this top 12 gift list offers a comprehensive collection that should appeal to any collector.

1) Transformers Generations Platinum Edition Combiner Wars Liokaiser – Entertainment Earth Exclusive 


Liokaiser is finally here! This team was originally released in Japan in 1989, making the Decepticon crew a scarce commodity for American toy collectors. Entertainment Earth brings Liokaiser to the USA for the very first time in this exclusive boxed set!

2) Star Trek: The Original Series 24kt Gold Plated Enterprise Monitor Mate – Convention Exclusive

Star Trek Monitor Mate

Covered in real 24-karat gold, this deluxe Monitor Mate™ is an ideal gift for any Star Trek fan. Limited to only 1,260 pieces and measuring 2 1/2-inches long x 2 1/2-inches tall, this miniature collectible bobble ship includes a non-damaging adhesive pad that sticks to surfaces like your car dashboard or computer monitor. Plus, as an Entertainment Earth Convention Exclusive, each is individually numbered with a holographic sticker. Ages 14 and up.

3) Penny Dreadful Tarot Card Deluxe Carved Wood Box Set – Entertainment Earth Exclusive 

Penny Dreadful Tarot Cards

What does your future hold? Find out while you entertain family and friends with this incredible Entertainment Earth Exclusive from Bif Bang Pow!. Just like the set used by the show’s heroine (Vanessa Ives), this replica features an authentic wood carved box that measures 6 1/2-inches square x 2 1/4-inches tall (as seen when the cut-wife first introduces Vanessa to the tarot cards in her cottage) and holds 78 premium tarot cards adorned with marvelous series-true artwork, and an informative instruction book! Plus, each limited edition set (only 1,000 sets produced) is individually numbered with a holographic sticker. Ages 18 and up.

4) Star Wars The Black Series Astromech Droids 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures – Entertainment Earth Exclusive 

Exclusive Astromech Droids

It’s an Entertainment Earth Exclusive from out of this galaxy! Based on one of our most beloved exclusive action figure sets, these 3 3/4-inch droid action figures are packaged in a nifty display box shaped like the most famous droid, R2-D2. Enjoy all six with droids dating back as far as the original Star Wars movie through The Clone Wars animated series.

5) Supernatural Impala 1:18 Scale Die-Cast Metal Vehicle with Sam and Dean Figures – Entertainment Earth Exclusive 

Supernatural Impala

This highly detailed Supernatural 1967 Chevrolet Impala Sport Sedan 1:18 Scale Die-Cast Metal Vehicle with exclusive Sam and Dean figures positioned inside the car is based on the Supernatural TV series. It features iconography from Season 9, Episode 16, “Bladerunners,” with Enochian writing on the side of the vehicle that translates to “Be afraid – your Queen.” This collectible of Baby is a must-have for Supernatural fans.

6) Batman v Superman: The Jokers Wild Batman 19-Inch Big Figs(TM) Action Figure – Convention Exclusive 

Joker's Wild

From Jakks Pacific’s Big Fig 20-inch scale collection – and available only at Entertainment Earth – here is the limited edition Batman v Superman: The Jokers Wild Batman 19-Inch Big Figs(TM) Action Figure. While Batman stands tall and has 7 points of articulation, the Joker got to him on the way from the factory. The Clown Prince of Crime tagged old pointy ears with his name and a bunch of crude symbols and drawings, showing that he’s got a great second career in designer toys if the whole supervillain thing doesn’t work out for him. This is what happens in Gotham City when you don’t lock up the spray paint at the art store!

7) Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Pop! Vinyl Vehicle 

Funko Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s aircraft gets the Pop! Vinyl treatment! The Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Pop! Vinyl Vehicle includes the Amazonian Princess and features her transparent aircraft with a wing span of 8-inches. This amazing Pop! Vinyl vehicle measures about 12-inches long, and Wonder Woman stands about 3 3/4-inches tall. The jet comes packaged in a window display box.

8) Firefly Serenity Ship Oversized Plush Slippers – Exclusive 

Firefly Slippers

If you’re a fan of the Firefly TV series and Serenity movie, you really need to get yourself a pair of these plush slippers with an ultra-comfy bottom, complete with rubbery dots for traction. Use some fantastic footwear to fill the Firefly void in your life!

9) The Dark Knight Joker Jack-in-the-Box – Convention Exclusive 

Dark Knight Jack in the Box

What’s lurking inside this musical tin box? Crank the retro-styled jack-in-the-box handle to play “Pop Goes the Weasel” as you anticipate that spine-tingling moment when… POP! Out comes THE JOKER™ from the hit 2008 film The Dark Knight! Measuring 5 1/2-inches tall x 5 1/2-inches wide, this classically designed jack-in-the-box features a detailed plastic head sculpted by 3D Systems (a.k.a. Gentle Giant) and a fabric body. Limited to only 3,000 pieces, this Entertainment Earth Convention Exclusive is individually numbered with a holographic sticker. Ages 14 and up.

10) Living Dead Dolls Munchkins of Oz 3-Pack – Entertainment Earth Exclusive 

Living Dead Doll Munchkins

The Living Dead Dolls Munchkins of Oz 3-Pack – Entertainment Earth Exclusive presents an incredible crossover of the Living Dead Dolls and The Wizard of Oz. These death-defying, death-dealing blue Munchkins measure a bone-chilling 4-inches tall and arrive in a special display box. Start your trip down the Yellow Brick Road off right – screaming in terror at the top of your lungs!

11) Fantasy Figure Gallery DC Comics Collection Wonder Woman Variant Resin Statue – Entertainment Earth Exclusive 

Wonder Woman Statue

Princess Diana of Themyscira, as envisioned by world-renowned artist Luis Royo, is brought to breathtaking 3D life by Shin Tanabe in this limited edition Fantasy Figure Gallery DC Comics Collection Wonder Woman Variant Resin Statue – Entertainment Earth Exclusive. With a numbered display plate, art card, and certificate of authenticity, Wonder Woman stands about 12 1/4-inches tall with her Lasso of Truth, indestructible vambraces, and golden tiara. The Entertainment Earth variant version features the Amazon with her shield and sword in her hands, wearing a different outfit that slightly exposes her chiseled midriff. Wonder Woman also sports a different pair of long red-and-silver boots. Limited edition of only 500 pieces worldwide!

12) Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Force FX Deluxe Lightsaber Prop Replica 

Kylo Ren Lightsaber

The massive Star Wars: The Force Awakens The Black Series Kylo Ren Force FX Deluxe Lightsaber Replica includes a cool display stand and three light-up elements on the hilt, just like in the movie. Its sturdy red polycarbonate blade features realistic power-up and power-down glowing light effects. The huge lightsaber also includes digitally recorded and motion-sensor-controlled authentic sound effects, such as power-up, power-down, idle, movement sounds, and clash sounds. It’s the perfect companion to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Voice Changer Helmet The Black Series Prop Replica, sold separately.



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