5 Swoon-Worthy Deadpool Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Deadpool Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, we know exactly what you should do for that special someone in your life, whoever they may be, and there’s a particular person who’d like to help out!

You may not know this, but Wade Wilson, aka the mercenary Deadpool, is a big believer in love and so he wants to make sure that you all have the most wonderful Valentine’s Day this year.

How is he going to make sure this happens? By pairing with Entertainment Earth and bringing you some of the best Deadpool products out there that you can get right now as a great treat! After all, Cupid isn’t the only bringer of love and gifts dressed in red.

» Deadpool Fabrikations Plush Figure

Deadpool Plush

What says love more than a plush figure? Especially a plush figure with dual katanas and a slightly unamused look on his face! This adorable figure from Funko is 6-inches tall and even has a rotating head for all your rotating… head… needs. (Just go with us on this one.)

» Deadpool Tacos Throw Blanket

Deadpool Blanket

Cozy up with a loved one, cat, dog, or tray full of chimichangas and Netflix, with the snuggliest blanket around! Measuring 60-inches tall by 50-inches wide, this micro-plush blanket showcases the Merc with a Mouth and his love of tacos. So really, how can you go wrong?

» Deadpool Hooded Onesie

Deadpool Onesie

Nothing says love like the gift of a onesie. Especially a onesie of Deadpool’s costume that is definitely ten times comfier than his spandex. Come on, you don’t think Wade Wilson has super comfy pajamas? That’s right. Get this for Wade Wilson. (And, you know, your loved one. Whatever.)

» Deadpool Marvel Series 1 Dorbz Vinyl Figure

Deadpool Dorbz

He’s so smiley because he’s so happy to bring some light into your life this Valentine’s Day! This vinyl figure measures 3-inches tall and will be the perfect reminder for anyone of your love for them – and for Deadpool.

» Deadpool Wanted Black T-Shirt

Deadpool Shirt

Wade Wilson is a wanted man – in that gift bag on Valentine’s Day! Now you can proudly show off how Deadpool has touched your relationship with this great shirt depicting the mercenary in a spotlight in front of a wanted poster of him.

So. How’s Deadpool going to help you this Valentine’s Day?



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