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Toy of the Week Podcast: Star Wars Dewback and Jurassic World Roarivores Case

Giant dinosaurs and spectacular Sandtroopers. Yup, you could say this week’s podcast is…wait for it…sandtastic.

It’s another two-for-one episode this week as Adam takes a look at Star Wars: The Black Series Dewback with Sandtrooper and the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Roarivores Case. With so many new figures to choose from, it can be hard to pick just two. Fortunately, these sets are stunning. 

It’s big, it’s cool, and it’s utterly original. Modeled after the original 1977 puppet (and the subsequent digitized versions), the Dewback looks like it stepped right off George’s classic set and right into the palm of your hand. The sculpt on this figure is fantastic – easily the best Adam’s seen from Hasbro. With a moveable mouth, toes, tail, and even an articulated tongue (yes, you read that right), this is one of the greatest non-essential Star Wars figures ever made. It even comes with a generic Sandtrooper, though you can also use it with your other Black Series boys. Available today at Entertainment Earth, there’s no word on whether Hasbro will ever do another run of Dewbacks, so you may want to order your own rugged reptile today.

Dewback and Sandtrooper
And on the Jurassic Park front, the new Roarivores set features four mini dinos that pack one heck of a big bite. While the names may not sound instantly familiar, these dinos are sure to pull on the nostalgia strings. With signature attack moves and push-button audio on each, they’re tons of fun. Plus, the sound effects are legit. Just listen to how clear the audio is as Adam tests each figure on the air. With ball-jointed limbs and impeccable paint accents, this is one set that’s sure to leave a mark.

To hear more about this week’s figures, be sure to have a listen to the latest Toy of the Week Podcast below. Until next week!

Roarivores Figure Case



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