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Toy of the Week Podcast: Star Wars Solo Class A Vehicles Wave 1 Case

It’s a Wampa! It’s a Swoop! It’s a Solo adventure!

You’ve seen the movie, now take home the toys. This week Adam continues along the Solo rollercoaster with a look at the awesome new Star Wars Class A Wave 1 Vehicles set. With four individually packaged sets (with one vehicle and one rider each), these figures are a force to be reckoned with.

While each set features its own unique look and feel, there’s really no question that the Luke and Wampa set is a clear standout. In fact, it’s Adam’s all-time favorite Wampa figure, and quite possibly the single greatest figure in the new Solo line. With a stunning look, ball-jointed limbs, and a right shoulder you can actually tear off to reveal a glorious bloody stump, this guy’s a must. Unfortunately, like other new Star Wars figures, the Force Link feature is a little wonky. You can actually listen while Adam tries to play it on the air.

Luke, meanwhile, features five points of articulation and comes with a lightsaber and holster for his blaster. He also sports an articulated scarf, which you can actually point hanging down when he’s being manhandled by the Wampa. Seriously, it’s little features like these that make the series great.

The set also features newcomer Enfys Nest and a pretty baller Swoop Bike. If you haven’t seen the movie, be prepared to have strong feelings toward this character. The Rathtar and awesomely eerie Bala-Tik set are also great pieces to have and definitely stand out on a shelf.

If you’re buying these for the Force Link features, be warned: the service itself is glitchy. Still, the figures are detailed and articulated enough to make this set worth it – especially if you’re looking for a new Wampa.

To hear more about the new Solo figures, be sure to listen to the latest Toy of the Week Podcast below.




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