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Toy of the Week Podcast: Star Wars Jumbo Vintage Early Bird Kit

The original Star Wars toys, upscaled in all their epic glory.

Big things are happening in this week’s podcast. Host Adam Pawlus takes a look at the massively awesome Vintage Star Wars Jumbo Action Figures. If these guys look familiar, that’s because they’re exact replicas of the original 1978 Kenner toy line…except, you know, giant-sized. Standing approximately 12(ish) inches tall, this set of four includes Luke, Leia, R2D2, and Chewbacca in all their vintage glory.

Like the original toys, these guys feature that radically retro vinyl plastic feeling. In fact, it’s like they were made from the exact same gauge. With each figure sporting four points of articulation (Note: R2 only has three), these characters were made to resemble the exact look and feel of their older counterparts. They even come with same accessories: Leia includes her white vinyl cape and blue blaster, Chewy’s holding his classic green crossbow, and R2 features the same stickers and a clicking head.

Jumbo Star Wars

While R2, Leia, and Chewy are cool figures, there’s simply no comparing them to the awesomeness that is the original Luke Skywalker. With a double telescoping lightsaber, you’re able to extend the blade by sliding it forward. This specific type of lightsaber is hard to find, and typically goes for an astronomical sum, so it’s cool to be able to have one here at a decent price.

As a cool bonus, they even sport the original Kenner copyright markings from 1978 – namely the ‘General Mills Fun Group Incorporated’ sticker. Back when Star Wars first premiered, Kenner was still a little-known toy company out of Ohio, so it’s cool to see how the designers were able to add in those extra details.

To hear more about these deliciously retro Jumbo figures, make sure you check out the latest Toy of the Week Podcast below.



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