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Toy of the Week Podcast: Transformers Power of the Primes Generations Wave 1 Prime Masters

Toy of the Week Transformers Generations Prime Masters

Transformers that pop out of other Transformers that then merge with more Transformers? Well, that’s just prime!

This week Adam Pawlus takes a look at the teeny tiny new Transformers Generations Wave 1 Prime Masters. Remember the old Pretenders toys back in the waning days of G1? These mini Prime Masters are essentially the modern update of that original line.

This set of three figures includes their own articulated two-inch robot shell, where our heroes can conveniently be stored. Each Prime Master also comes with their own unique powers, which can be added to other Power of the Primes figures to imbue them with special abilities, armor, and weapons. It’s a peculiar gimmick, but it’s also pretty cool.

So how does Adam feel about the new Power of the Primes figures? And where does he see the Transformers line going from here? Find out all this and more in the latest Toy of the Week Podcast below!



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