Godzilla Stomps onto the Scene with This Kawakita Bronze Statue

Godzilla Bronze Statue

Steer clear of any major cities and be on the lookout for falling debris – the King of Monsters is back with a vengeance in this stunning Godzilla Kawakita Bronze Statue!

This effigy is a scaled down replica based on the large iconic bronze statue which stands in front of Toho headquarters in Tokyo. This commemorative limited edition piece pays tribute to Director Koichi Kawakita, who made a series of groundbreaking Godzilla films starting in the late 1980s.

This collectible is carefully crafted by a foundry known for their traditional craftsmanship of bronze statues. This limited edition icon has only a finite number set at 50 pieces and will include a certificate of authenticity and a serial number. This heavyweight will make the perfect addition to any Godzilla fans home.

The bronze statue measures about 21 1/2-inches long x 17 1/3-inches tall x 8-inches wide and weighs about 40 pounds.

This famous kaiju will be available with free shipping in September 2016, so place your pre-orders now!

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Godzilla Bronze Statue



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