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Transformers Combiner Wars gets upgraded with Platinum Edition Liokaiser

Transformers Liokaiser Entertainment Earth Exclusive

Transformers Combiner Wars has brought us some pretty rad toys in the past year, but this one may blow your mind. A rarely seen character from the 1989 Japanese Generation One-era cartoon, Transformers Victory, has emerged as the current champion of most amazing Combiner to date. Liokaiser, the most intelligent of the Combiners, is powerful and absolutely without mercy. Composed of the Destrons, this beast of an opponent is formidable in both combined and as five separate robots. New and improved for the 21st Century – Liokaiser and the robots who form him bring terror and style to the Combiner Wars.

You’ve probably never owned his likeness before, but it’s about time you did. There’s only one way to add him to your collection, and that’s probably the best part. The Transformers Generations Platinum Edition Combiner Wars Liokaiser – Entertainment Earth Exclusive is the first new toy of the Decepticon team in a few decades. The parts are fully compatible with your other Transformers Combiner Wars toys. But unlike the other Combiner Wars bots that have come out this year, Liokaiser features amazing 80’s coloring and the robots sport animal-themed helmets while in robot mode.

The five-robots are lead by Dezarus, a space shuttle with an amazing dinobird mode. He is joined by Guyhawk, who transforms into a plane; Drillhorn, who transforms into a drill tank; Ironbison, who also transforms into a tank; Felbat, who transforms into a mighty dinobird; and the mini weapon warrior, Ion Scythe, who transforms from a flying drone to a powerful weapon wielded by Liokaiser. Put together into Combiner mode, Liokaiser stands over 12-inches tall and is more articulate than any past version of the robot, wearing a lion-themed helmet.

While generally unseen on American shores, this classic character will round out any Transformers collection. This amazing new Platinum Edition entry into the Transformers Combiner Wars can only be found at Entertainment Earth!

The Transformers Generations Platinum Edition Combiner Wars Liokaiser - Entertainment Earth Exclusive



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