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Dragonstorm Figure Takes Transformers: The Last Knight to New Heights

The new Transformers movie is in theaters, and it looks to be fantastic. With the freedom of time travel and freedom from historical accuracy, this is one storyline that is sure to thrill fans. Already, the character designs coming out of this iteration of the Transformers is making collectors shiver with excitement. With variations of familiar characters, one might be tempted to ask if we need anything more! But then you see Dragonstorm, and you realize that, yes, we did need more!

Taking at look at the new Transformers The Last Night Mega 1-Step Turbo Changer Dragonstorm shows you how awesome a new character can truly be in the Transformers lexicon. Changing from a fierce looking warrior into a downright dangerous three-headed beast, this is one newbie that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the classics. Made with Hasbro’s unique eye for quality and detail, this toy lights up the room with its presence.

But that’s not all it lights up with. This 12-inch tall dragon features LED Cyberfire technology. When you trigger the fire from the dragon’s mouth directly on any 1-Step Turbo Charger figure, you can watch hidden symbols emerge. It has to be seen to be believed; it truly is more than meets the eye! You can order this amazing Dragonstorm figure now from Entertainment Earth!



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