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Transformers Fans Will Go Gaga over Masterpiece Beast Wars Megatron

Among the myriad Transformers reboots over the years, Beast Wars was the only one that could ever hold a candle to Generation One. With a roster of original characters, great episodic plots, and direct ties to the original source material, Beast Wars was nothing short of spectacular.

In fact, for years fans have been hounding Takara to expand their venerable Masterpiece line into Beast Wars territory. With Optimal Primal, Cheetor, and now Dinobot joining the fray, the BW line is looking promising. That said, none look as menacing, as imposing, or as jaw-droppingly amazing as the upcoming Transformers Masterpiece Edition MP-43 Beast Wars Megatron. Yesssss, MP Megs is easily the most detailed, articulated, and downright glorious Masterpiece yet.

Just look at that dinosaur mode. With a highly articulated (and moveable) jaw, you’ll have no problem placing [insert poor character’s name here] into Megatron’s mighty maw.

A mix of both die-cast and plastic, this figure is sure to loom over your other Beast Wars figures. And in keeping with the current MP trend, Megs also comes with a host of cool accessories, including a super-articulated stand, multiple faces, a hunting rifle, and even a toothbrush! After all, a villain who smiles as much as Megs has to keep his whites extra pearly.

With an estimated ETA of late February, you can lock in your pre-order today and have every single Maximal (and Autobot… and possibly even Predacon) on your shelf shaking in its boots.

While mum’s still the word regarding which bot is next in the Masterpiece Beast Wars line, here’s hoping for MP Waspinator.




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