Travel to Gravity Falls with These Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

Gravity Falls might be over but the mysteries will never end. Head back to the Mystery Shack with these Gravity Falls Pop! Vinyl Figures.

The Dipper Funko Pop! features his signature his classic pine tree hat and vest, while gripping Journal 3 closely. There is a limited chase variant of a pale-colored, ghost Dipper from the episode “Sock Opera” in which Bill takes over Dipper’s body and Dipper becomes a ghost.



In contrast, Mabel Pines is wearing her oh-so-fashionable pink sweater and matching pink headband.


Grunkle Stan is adorned in his typical outfit of a black suit, with a maroon bow tie, and maroon fez and glasses. He carries an eight ball cane with him.


Beware, Bill. The most powerful and dangerous creature you’ll ever encounter. Whatever you do, never let him into your mind. The triangular being from the Nightmare realm also has a chase variant.


Funko’s whole line of Gravity Falls Pop! Vinyl Figures arrives this June, so pre-order today!



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