This X-COM 2 Beam Pistol Is All You Need to Take on ADVENT

X-COM 2 Beam Pistol Full Size 1:1 Scale Prop Replica

You don’t find replicas with this kind of detail. This X-COM 2 Beam Pistol Full Size 1:1 Scale Prop Replica is sleek and solid. Fabricating weapons and items for video games is an art all its own. Many artists spend all of their time in the design and virtual sculpting of guns, gadgets, and tools for video game use. The design of each item is a meticulous concern, following a unified aesthetic, in hopes of rendering a cohesive reality for the engaged gamer.

No team does that better than Firaxis Games, creators of X-COM 2. The unifying artistic aesthetic of the game works in harmony with the complex plot to create a world within a story. Every weapon and prop from the video game is instantly recognizable, adhering to intricate design elements that help to make the gaming experience so immersive.

This officially licensed replica is expertly sculpted and painted, making it the most authentic representation of this weapon available in non-virtual reality. Cast in polystone, the weapon measures over 12-inches long and weighs an impressive 7 pounds! That’s not all, it also features working LED effects to give it that extra punch.

Triforce is known for the precision masterwork. This Beam Pistol is hand-finished and hand-painted, making it a collector’s item that will be sought after. You can pre-order yours with free shipping today at Entertainment Earth!

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