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Kickstarter Revitalizes the Action Figure Scene with New Capcom Figure

Mega Man X

If you’re feeling mega-ready for something new in the Capcom universe, check out the Kickstarter launched by TruForce Collectibles to produce a new, officially licensed Mega Man X figure!

9c290a0c545b68805cbbb2fa91bec476_largeWe’re thrilled to see a new figure coming out for Mega Man with incredible design and detail for the price. With a new, stylized design for X from Mega Man X, TruForce will provide a sleek and mechanized look. As a brand-new manufacturer, TruForce is starting off strong with an outstanding plan to create this epic Mega Man X figure.

The figure is fully poseable with over 30 different points of articulation and comes with swappable face and hand pieces. Utilizing diecast techniques, X will include diecast armor parts for the chest, shins, and feet. On top of his interchangeable pieces, X comes with combine-able effects components. The 6-inch figure will also have LED functionality and comes with a base and support stand.

Not only will he feature smooth blues, fluorescent accents, and ruby gems (for the helmet), but the effects parts can be combined! The effect pieces are separated into three parts, meaning you can connect just two or put all three together for a mega blast! These pieces will be cast in yellow translucent plastic, so attached to the cannon with working LEDs, the blast will have a glowing effect as though it’s charging.

TruForce Collectibles understands the need for detailed, articulated figures so we’re excited to see that Mega Man is being made by the fans for the fans:

As true fans ourselves, we know what it takes to produce a quality collectible…we meticulously pay attention to the nitty gritty details and we don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Currently, all 3D mock-ups have been completed as well as a non-painted prototype. Next up is an approval of the painted prototype and running the production gambit of mold creation, material injection, paint, assembly, packaging, and shipping.

If you’re a Mega Man fan, you’ll want to keep an eye on this Kickstarter and on TruForce Collectibles! So what do you think? Will you be donating to this campaign? Share your thoughts in the comments!



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