Tweeterhead Previews Upcoming Statues and Busts at Comikaze


Tweeterhead attended Comikaze Expo during the first weekend of November and they brought quite the show. On display were current statues available for pre-order as well as upcoming sculpts and concept art.

They brought their Elvira Mistress of the Dark Maquette Statues. On display was the original black dress Elvira statue alongside the red dress variant Elvira Your Heart Belongs to Me Maquette Statue. An unpainted sculpt for a rooftop variant was also at the show. It features Elvira in a fur-lined leotard leaning on a chimney, not unlike old Saint Nick.

The Batman 1966 TV Series Maquettes were also on display, alongside a sneak peek at what’s in development. This Signature series brings the beloved characters from the 1966 iteration of the Batman franchise to sculpted perfection. The Batman Maquette was on display next to the unpainted sculpt for Robin. The Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder stood in front of a painted Bat-computer backdrop sculpt.

The stunning Catwoman Maquette was also on display next to an unpainted sculpt for a Gotham City United Underworld crest. Among the Batman Maquettes was the concept art for a Batgirl Maquette Diorama from Tweeterhead. To the side was the sculpted prototype for a Batman Classic Collection Maquette of the Penguin, pending licensor approval.

The Munsters were brought to the show as well. The Herman Munster Maquette, Lily Munster Maquette, Nevermore Cuckoo Clock and Spot Maquette, and some unpainted sculpts were showcased. Eddie Munster and Woof-Woof are joining the statue family.

Coming soon to Tweeterhead’s collection are Masters of the Universe busts. Each is projected to come out in the next year. Included in line are She-Ra, Skeletor, Teela, Beastman, He-Man, and Evil Lyn, with more to come. There were 4 busts on display and 3 were unpainted sculpts.

Photos courtesy of Brandon Postal.



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