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Bare It All with the New Ultimate Flasher Gremlin Action Figure from NECA

When it comes to horror collectibles, NECA knows how to keep horror fans satiated. So, it’s no surprise when they announced the fan-favorite Ultimate Flasher Gremlin from Gremlins was going to be the next addition to NECA’s Ultimate 7-inch scale line.

Based off the chaotic Dorry’s Tavern scene from the film, not only does the figure have a unique outfit, sunglasses and a removable fabric trench coat with detailed buttons (for when he wants to let it all hang out), but it comes loaded with a plethora of accessories including a poker visor, poker chips, mallet, puppet, fedora, bowtie, and more.

The extra accessories mean that you can recreate the looks of the various other Gremlins from the bar scene, including the poker playing Gremlins, the Sock-puppet Gremlin, and Bogart Gremlin. Here’s hoping we get even more accessories down the line to really finish off the scene (looking at you, Deagle Gremlin).

Lootcrate had a crowdfunded Ultimate Flasher Gremlin figure with the exact same accessories (except it also included a Flashdance outfit), but there’s been no word on if – or when – that figure will be released. Gremlins fans need to make sure to order the Flasher Gremlin today before it’s too late!

Gremlin Flasher



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