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Japan’s Greatest Hero, Ultraman, Stands Tall in this 1:6 Scale Action Figure


Ultraman is truly a hero for the ages. Capturing everything you love about Japanese giant robot culture and manga art, Ultraman continues to inspire generations of fans and collectors. Rest assured, from the first television episode that aired in 1966, to his appearance at the climax of the novel (and soon to be movie) Ready Player One, Ultraman has been there to protect Earth from giant robots and marauding aliens every time.

Now you can get this fully poseable Ultraman Suit 1:6 Scale Action Figure to honor his legacy! Fully made-over for the new millennium, This rebooted Ultraman looks sharp and impressive. Clearly recognizable, being based on the original look from the Ultraman manga, this Ultraman Suit Action Figure is sleek and downright beautiful. With over 40 points of articulation, interchangeable heads and four hands, you won’t believe the ways you can display your love for Ultraman.

Standing at over 12-inches tall, this Ultraman action figure is beyond impressive. Featuring LED light-ups in the eyes, chest, and Spacium Blade, the extras will truly captivate you. An action figure like this has design in mind first, making the truly dedicated collector happy, regardless of the pricetag. You can pre-order it now from Entertainment Earth!




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