Become King of the Ants with These Uncle Milton Ant Farms

Ants are more than just pests – they’re incredibly hard workers who build intricate kingdoms. For decades, we’ve watched their industrious lives and taken them to show and tell thanks to ant farms.

Uncle Milton, one of the foremost manufacturers of science and nature toys, is the leading name in ant farms. Now, a new line expands the educational possibilities.

The Virtual Explorer Antopia Adventure combines the traditional live ant farm with a virtual experience. The activity guide, 3D Interactive Image Cards, and goggles bring augmented reality images to life! Use secret codes to unlock virtual reality experiences in the app, including a 360 journey into the secret underground world of ants. Please note: Virtual reality experience requires a smart phone with standard size screen (not included).

The 60th Ant-iversary Ant Farm Set feature sleek designs that are inter-connectable, three different color schemes, and 3D lenticular scenes depicting ant worlds of the future. Included are three individually packaged ant farms: 1 Ant Canyon, 1 Antes Mountains, and 1 Antopia Rainforest.

An oldie but all-time goodie, the Giant Ant Farm Live Ant Habitat is where it all began! With over 20 million sold, this winner of numerous toy awards is great for ages 6+ and features a picturesque farm scene atop the sandy tunnels.

If you fancy a more futuristic tone, the Gel Colony with LED Light Module swaps nutrient-rich gel for old-fashioned dirt. The translucent gel handles both food and moisture for a fully self-contained, maintenance-free experience. An included light allows you to watch the little dudes hard at work 24 hours a day (and would make this a handy nightlight in any kid’s room). Connectable with other Uncle Milton ant farms, the Gel Colony is break resistant and escape proof!

And what could be more fitting than an Ant-Man Ant Farm? Included is the ant farm with superhero-themed base, a connector tube, a starter stick, 2 bags of sand, and an educational poster with instructions.

Please note: Each item includes an order form to order live ants by mail. Postage and handling fee required. Ants shipped only within U.S. continental limits.



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