Back to the Future Part II Comes True with Pepsi Perfect and Jaws 19 Trailer

On October 21st, 2015, Back to the Future heroes Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrive in the Hill Valley of the future.

From hoverboards to the Cafe 80s, there were a lot of big changes in 2015 for Marty and the Doc.

This week, two companies have made some of those changes come true.

First up, Pepsi is releasing the Pepsi Perfect! Fans will remember Marty going into the Cafe 80s and coming out with a Pepsi Perfect bottle. Now, for a limited time, fans will be able to have their own Pepsi Perfect bottle.

The collectible soda will go on sale on October 21st for $20.15 and it’s limited to only 6,500 16.9 oz. bottles. (As a note, 1,500 will be given to particular fans at New York Comic-Con.) It may seem steep, but the collectible quality of it should win fans over. Seriously, it’s pretty cool.

Keep an eye on Pepsi’s social media channels to find out where you’ll be able to buy your own Pepsi Perfect.

Next, you might remember that in Back to the Future’s 2015, Universal released Jaws 19. Well, guess what? Now there’s a trailer.

From Universal Pictures, comes a brand new trailer for the 19th installment:

You can tell the studio had a lot of fun with this video, coming up with plots for several other Jaws films before getting to 19. It’s very self-aware (“it was all business,” “then a prequel, and a sequel to the prequel”) but I think my favorite is probably Jaws 15 where we battle “a Russian shark named Ivan Sharkovski.”

Jaws 19 is about the environment – with the destruction of the oceans, “this time it’s really, really personal.”

What are you most excited to see come true in Back to the Future Part II? Are you going to try and get a Pepsi Perfect for yourself? Let us know in the comments!



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