BREAKING: First Photo of Tom Hardy as Eddy Brock

One of the more anticipated Comic Book movies of 2018 is the first film for the intended Sony Marvel Universe, Venom. While it will be separate from the MCU (even though the Spider-Man in the same universe is part of the MCU), it begins a new chapter for our favorite wall-crawlers cinematic mythology. Venom will feature Tom Hardy as the titular character aka Eddie Brock who becomes infected by an alien symbiote that gives him powers similar and yet more powerful than that of Spidey. Filming began in October 2017 and the film is set for October 5, 2018. Director Ruben Fleischer and star Tom Hardy provided an update from the set of the film for fans gathered at Brazil’s Comic-Con Experience from back in December. Here’s the video from the con, released earlier today:

In the video, Fleischer and Hardy assure fans that they’re setting out to make a movie that Venom fans can be proud of and Fleischer expands by saying they took influence from The Lethal Protector and The Planet of the Symbiote books. Hardy donned a brand new Venom t-shirt and rewarded all the fans with shirts of their own. He then promised that he’d do whatever he can to deliver the best Venom he could because he understands how he important Venom is to the fans.

Venom will also star Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, and Woody Harrelson. Carnage is rumored to be the film’s main antagonist, but no confirmation yet if that’s who Ahmed will be playing or who exactly will be playing Cletus Kasady. Following Venom in the planned Sony Marvel Universe is a potential Morbius, the Living Vampire film, Silver & Black (a team-up movie starring Black Cat and Silver Sable), and Nightwatch. This will be the second live-action version of Brock/Venom, the first being in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man series, where he was portrayed by Topher Grace. While the film was by no means great, the origins of the symbiote were at least closer to the source material than a lot of the rest of the movie’s story.

Tom Hardy as Venom

Image: Sony

Are you guys excited for Venom? Are you disappointed that it won’t be part of the MCU? What other Spidey characters are you hoping to get their own movies or are at least included in this Sony Spidey-verse?



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