Brave the Harsh Westeros Winter with Game of Thrones Prop Replicas

Game of Thrones Prop Replicas

Westeros is a harsh place to survive, but with Valyrian Steel’s Game of Thrones prop replicas, it might get a little easier, or at least more interesting.

Winter is coming and if you believe that, you might belong to House Stark. Show your loyalty to the family in the North with this officially licensed Stark Infantry Shield Replica! It weighs an incredible 12 pounds and is made from cold-rolled steel.

Boasting the Stark’s sigil, the Direwolf, on the center of the shield, this fantastic collectible comes with a wood mount (that can also hold up to three swords!) and a certificate of authenticity.

Or perhaps you want to venture further north… and join the Night Watch.

Armed with a letter from Commander Jon Snow (written by George R.R. Martin), take this collectible wooden box with you and get ready to explore. The whole set comes with a map of wildling territory, a handcrafted 9-inch obsidian dagger, black deerskin leather belt pouch, 5 obsidian arrowheads, and black leather sheath.

This is a unique and finely crafted piece for any Song of Ice and Fire fan.

Available at Entertainment Earth with free shipping, these great products are expected to arrive this month!

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