Vampirella Black and Blood Variant Bust is Frighteningly Eye-Catching

Ever since she escaped from the famine-stricken planet, Draculon, Vampirella has been one of the most drop-dead gorgeous heroes of the comic book world. This year, which may very well be remembered for female comic heroes more than any other year before it, Vampirella is more popular than ever. This vampire hunter who has gone rogue to save humanity from her own kind is a true indie success story. 30 Years after she first hit the stage, collectors are finally getting the merch that they’ve wanted.

One of the most limited pieces of Vampirella merchandise must be this Vampirella Arthur Adams Black and Blood Variant Bust. Chances are, you’ve seen the red one, but this variant is made to the same exacting details, but with color and paint variation that’s sure to quicken the pulse. With a black one-piece bikini and with blood gracing her lips, Vampirella makes a striking bust, impossible to look away from.

You’ll have to act fast if you’re going to get your hands on one! This second offering of the Women of Dynamite bust series is limited to only 299 pieces! Made of poly-resin with cast-metal details, this high quality, limited edition statue stands about 7-inches tall. Packaged in a four-color display box, this bust celebrates the vision of one of the industry’s finest artists and greatest success stories. Pre-order today from Entertainment Earth!



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