Vampirella Attracts Attention in this 1:6 Scale Statue


When the rivers of blood began to run dry on her home planet of Drackulon, Vampirella was forced to pilot a hijacked rocket to Earth in search of survival. She discovers that she was not the first vampire to migrate to her new planet, but that Dracula had come before her and had raised an army of evil vampires. At this discovery, Vampirella decided to dedicate her life to fighting those evil vampires for as long as it takes to rid the planet of them.

This cult favorite has been around for nearly 50 years and shows every sign of growing in popularity over the next half a century. You can collect this monument to the daughter of Drakulon with this Vampirella Mamegyorai 1:6 Scale Statue. Vampirella is shown in all of her sexy glory, wearing her iconic outfit and holding a skull and snake in her outstretched hand. There is a definite look of danger in her eyes, and danger doesn’t frighten Vampirella, but it ignites her.

Sculpted by the hands of Shin Tanabe, and painted by Yoshinori Yatake, this highly detailed statue will serve as the centerpiece of any collection. Standing at 11-inches tall and made from high quality polystone resin, this is a statue that commands the eye. Dynamite Entertainment has found the perfect way to honor Vampirella, and you can honor her too by pre-ordering this stunning statue today from Entertainment Earth!




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