Become Part of Team Venture with This Vinyl Figure 2-Pack

Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim is known for some of the most popular programs. One of the more popular cartoons to date is The Venture Bros. Characters that are largely re-imagined from Jonny Quest go on outrageous and thrilling adventures (hence the name). The main characters are the titular Venture Brothers, a pair of twin brothers named Dean and Hank. Now thanks to Kidrobot, Team Venture can be yours!

Kidrobot and Adult Swim have teamed up to bring you this Vinyl Figure 2-Pack featuring Dean and Hank along with their trademark “V” logo. The athletic and strong Dean with his stylish white shirt and blue neckerchief along with the book smart Hank in his brown vest. Both come with their communicator watches and are holding up the signature “V” fingers. They stand 7 inches tall and are ready to face off with The Monarch!

You can’t claim to be Team Venture unless you get your hands on this set. Get yours today before The Monarch buys them all for some dastardly plan!



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