Where These Vinyl Figures Are Going, They Won’t Need Roads

Back to the Future

“Great Scott!”

The future is here and so are brand new vinyl figures from Vinyl Sugar! Get ready to do some time-traveling, straight back to 1980s nostalgia, with these Back to the Future Vinyl Idolz figures!

Standing 8-inches tall, these figures are highly stylized and really capture the personalities of heroes Doc Emmett Brown and Marty McFly. With fun facial expressions, they’ll certainly make lively additions to your collection!

Doc Brown is designed in his white jumpsuit and he’s holding his wireless remote control for the Delorean. You can perfectly see the wild genius of the character encapsulated in this figure.

Marty comes with his trademark orange puffy vest, denim jacket, plaid, and smile on his face. He carries his skateboard and camcorder, because those are some of the trustiest things to have when you’re time-traveling, of course!

The figures come in window-display packaging and are a must for any Back to the Future fan or someone who likes to collect fun, unique collectibles! They’re set to come out in September, just in time for Marty to travel back to the future.

The Back to the Future Vinyl Idolz figures are currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth.

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