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A Vision of Mechanical Madness

DC Steel Age Joker 1:6 Scale Action Figure

Imagine a Batman universe where all of the superheroes have been replaced with robotic versions of themselves. Now, add in a robotic version of Gotham’s most sinister villains. Introducing, The Steel Age Joker. A vision of mechanical madness straight from the mind of artist Ashley Wood. This 1:6 scale action figure is the third addition to the Steel Age toy line from ThreeA and one we are going nuts for.

Standing 13 1/2-inch tall, this Joker is extremely impressive. He is fully articulated and comes with a plethora of accessories to show off a wide range of poses. Included are two revolvers with two detachable flags saying, “BANG,” on them. There are also four sets of interchangeable hands including a set of gun grip hands, relaxed hands, hands with pointed fingers and a set of fists. With all of those options, the posing possibilities are endless.

He’s also dressed to the nines in a real fabric tailor-made suit. It is a deep purple set of trousers and jacket paired with a green shirt and gray tie. There is some great detailing to pin the back of the jacket giving it some shape to conform to his rather square body. Also, the fraying on the right shoulder plays right into the darkened burned up right side of the Joker’s mechanical face.

Speaking of which, what happened to him? It’s almost as if a bomb went off right by the right side of his face. This is such great attention to detail giving fans a storyline just by looking at him. Whatever happened to him doesn’t seem to have taken this mechanized madman’s spirit as we can see by his larger than life smile and glowing red eyes. Yea, that’s right! This guy has light-up LED eyes. It is definitely the icing that brings this action figure over the top.

Coming out in July 2018, any Joker fan would be hard-pressed to not jump on adding this version to their collection. You can pre-order him now and make sure you don’t miss out if he doesn’t make it through the next near face explosion. Plus, if you are like me and would love to play out your own epic robotic storylines make sure you add the Steel Age Batman to your collection too!




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