Wampa Plush Throw Rug Can Keep You Warm on Hoth

Let your guests know that you conquered the mighty Wampa with the Star Wars Wampa Plush Throw Rug!

Feature the slain snow beast as a rug in your house. This Wampa rug is styled like a bear skin and features a plush pillow head, vinyl claws, and a soft synthetic fur pile. The pillow head showcases embroidered facial details. This amazing collectible trophy measures over 60 inches long by 30 inches wide and will turn any room into a Star Wars lair.

Use the Wampa Plush Throw Rug to keep warm on cold nights. Anyone could survive the chilly winds of Hoth if they had a Wampa Throw Rug to keep them warm!

Wampas are creatures from the Star Wars universe, which first appeared in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Wampas are vicious predators with razor sharp teeth and claws. They can take out a tauntaun with a single swipe.

The Wampa Plush Throw Rug is currently available at Entertainment Earth. Order yours today!

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Wampa Plush Throw Rug



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