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Lego Guardians

So engrossed in the epic film Guardians of the Galaxy, you probably didn’t think much to nitpick about little details like how old Star-Lord’s cassette tape must really be, or consider why it is still working after 30 years, or even question how a battery could last so long. However, some Guardians fans have brought those questions to light in the most delightful and silly way a true fan can – with LEGO! This LEGO Guardians short will have you snickering at the ludicrousness of it all – but hey, it’s a pretty good minute and thirty seconds of entertainment. You can check it out below.

But first, imagine, if you will, that the movie had not been the action-packed comedy and all-engrossing thriller that it was. What if Guardians of the Galaxy were not on its fifth (yes, fifth!) straight week of holding #1 at the box office? What if the movie were boring? Then, of course, you’d notice the discrepancy between fact and fun. As it is, however, Guardians of the Galaxy has taken the superhero-loving, geeky Star-Lord mask donning audience by storm, and most of us have forgiven the minute details that lend to the most questionable aspects of the film. How does the tape survive all those years? The truth is, while there is no good answer, many of us just don’t care. Give us a brilliant film and we will be faithful fans.

Don’t get hooked on the little things! Get hooked on a feeling. (Hardy har har.)

But seriously folks, the video is fun-loving and a great watch for all of us Guardians of the Galaxy fans. Give LEGO Guardians a watch!

Did the questions raised by the cassette tape bother you, or were you willing to look past them? Are you excited for the 2017 sequel? Sound off below!



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