Jurassic World Introduces Mutated Twist

When the 20 second teaser trailer for Jurassic World dropped 2 days ago, it said the trailer premier would air on Thanksgiving during football on NBC. But it looks like Christmas came early for fans when Universal released the official trailer this morning!

There are two logical explanations for this: either Universal had to release it early for some reason or, and hopefully this is the case, we’ll get even more footage in a special extended look on Thursday. Regardless, this morning was a good morning for Jurassic Park fans.

Taking place after the first three movies, scientists in Jurassic World have once again bred dinosaurs and finally fulfilled John Hammond’s dream of turning Isla Nublar into a tourist attraction. It has everything: getting up close and personal with the dinosaurs, a Sea World type stadium featuring a water-dwelling dinosaur and splash zone, and so much more.

Everything seems fun until the trailer takes a turn for the worse and fans can clearly hear Jeff Goldblum in their heads: “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

This is clearly a Jurassic Park film for the technologically advanced 21st century. Bryce Dallas Howard explains in the trailer that they’ve created a genetically modified hybrid dinosaur (set to a sound from Godzilla). This dinosaur, whatever she is, is clearly the villain of the movie. Chris Pratt, the pragmatic Jeff Goldblum of the film, tell her that they have to evacuate the island and the whole movie seems to surround around escaping this lab-engineered dinosaur. Near the end of the trailer, Chris Pratt is riding a motorcycle surrounded by raptors who, interestingly, are not attacking him in any way. What role do these other dinosaurs on the island play in this film?

Regardless of your excitement for this movie, once that familiar theme starts playing, you get those same shivers from the first Jurassic Park. This trailer is exhilarating – are you excited about going back to Isla Nublar? I know I am! The park opens on June 12, 2015!



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