Weta Workshops’ Impressive Haldir Statue Will Stir You to Heroic Greatness

Celebrate bravery and loyalty with this magnificent statue of Haldir, captain of the bold Elves who help defend Helm’s Deep in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

In director Peter Jackson’s second Middle-earth movie, Haldir arrives with an Elven host to help the people of Rohan stand against the traitorous wizard Saruman’s Uruk-Hai hordes. The event renews an ancient alliance. “Long ago we fought and died together,” Haldir says. “We are proud to fight alongside Men once more.”

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s text, none of the Elder Kindred except Legolas fought at Helm’s Deep. And no doubt some Tolkien purists, devoted to the author’s wildly influential books, found Elves’ presence at Helm’s Deep as distasteful as Gollum found lembas bread.

But the film’s departure from its source rings true to Tolkien’s emphasis on unexpected moments of light and hope. And it echoes his insistence on fighting for good even when evil has the upper hand.

No “Pixie Up a Tree”!

This thrilling piece is the newest addition to Weta Workshops’ spectacular line of 1:6 scale Middle-earth statues. The same craftspeople who brought Tolkien’s fantasy world to vivid life on screen create these extraordinary collectibles. Weta designer and sculptor Greg Tozer produced this 13-inch tall, 11 3/4-inches long, and 3/4-inches deep tribute to Haldir.

Clad in bronze-colored armor and a scarlet cape, the noble warrior grips his gracefully curved blade. He’s poised to deliver a lethal blow to any uruk who dares oppose him! Haldir’s clothes, sword, and scabbard all bear intricate, screen-authentic detail, and his face bears a faithful likeness of actor Craig Parker.

In an interview with The Junction blog, Parker recalled his first reaction to being cast as an Elf: “I’m playing a pixie up a tree!” He soon learned better… and no one who sees this statue will think of Haldir as a puny pixie, either.

But to add this iconic image of heroism to your fantasy collection, be as fleet as a Silvan Elf. The edition is strictly limited to 750 pieces. So answer the call and order Weta Workshops’ Lord of the Rings Haldir at Helms Deep 1:6 Scale Statue today!



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