What’s Next: The Walking Dead Season 5 Teaser

Things are gearing up for the next season of The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere is hardly more than a month away so AMC released a brand new teaser trailer to emphasize the grisly thrills that are coming in the next season. It’s “do or die” for our favorite characters in the next installment of the hit television show. Watch the teaser trailer below!

The 10 second video gives fans a wink toward what is coming next. People wearing gas masks step into a hazy room. Lights flicker to Rick’s face and his signature grim, no nonsense face. Another moment of darkness and we’re back to the gas masks. Another flicker and it’s Daryl, ready to survive at any cost.

Then a woman’s voice speaks the only words heard in the trailer: “We don’t know what’s coming next.” These haunting words are spoken as the video shakily displays what appears to be someone dissecting a body on a table. With one last flicker, viewers hear a wild scream and the title screen.

The Walking Dead Season 5 will expand upon the Terminus story: its residents, history, and their motive. It appears that the Terminus residents might team up with Rick on a trip to Washington D.C. The show may introduce Father Gabriel as Beth’s kidnapping is explored. In the comics, Father Gabriel locked his church doors at the zombie outbreak, leaving his congregation to be eaten alive.

What’s next for the few survivors of the zombie outbreak? Viewers can find out soon. The Walking Dead Season 5 will premiere on AMC at 9pm EDT on Sunday, October 12.

Are you excited for season five of The Walking Dead? Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments.

Tease: What’s Coming Next: The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere



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