Will Assassin’s Creed Bring Honor to the Video Game to Movie Adaptation?

Fans of video games often thrill at the thought of their favorite characters and storylines being adapted to the big screen. There have been rumors of a Legend of Zelda or Metroid movie for years. But in most cases, these video game to movie adaptations leave people flat. One has to wonder, when watching Super Mario Bros. just what in the world the filmmakers were thinking. Why make a Mario movie that has absolutely zero to do with Mario? What audience were they searching for? Fans of the video game aren’t pleased when the movie has nothing to do with the game, and moviegoers who aren’t fans of the game aren’t likely to buy a ticket in the first place. Yet we see this same mistake played out again and again.

But there is a lot riding on Assassin’s Creed right now. These days, movie studios as big as 20th Century Fox don’t want to release movies that fail to get their money back. And when you see that Michael Fassbender has been cast as Callum Lynch, and that Jeremy Irons is in the cast as well, you start to realize that they’ve sunk a lot of money into this film already.

Taking a look at this new trailer, we see that the sensibilities of Assassin’s Creed match the video game pretty well. Lynch searches his genetic memories to connect with his ancestor and learns a lot about the art of killing someone. Using this new skill, he targets the Templar organization of today, with a mind of taking them down a peg or two. While not a direct reflection of any of the games, it’s certainly keeping in the spirit of things. Whether or not this movie will stand on its own as a success will be seen in December.




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