William Shatner May Return as Kirk in Star Trek 3

It is to many Star Trek fans’ disappointment that William Shatner hasn’t been in any of the Star Trek reboot films yet. However, with Roberto Orci helming Star Trek 3, Shatner may just get his chance!

It seems there have been a handful of opportunities for William Shatner to reappear in Star Trek, but they never seemed to work out. There was a cameo written into the first film for Shatner that was dropped before shooting, and there was no place for him in Star Trek Into Darkness. Shatner himself has been rather vocal about his desire to appear in one of these films. With Orci, a “professional Trekkie” on board, it seems far more likely that he may get his wish.

According to Badass Digest, the script for Star Trek 3 includes a scene that reteams Shatner and Leonard Nimoy onscreen as Kirk and Spock for the first time in canon since 1991’s Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. As this would likely be the last time fans will get to see Shatner as James T. Kirk in official continuity, this would be a pretty huge deal for fans of the Star Trek franchise.

With the movie still a ways out from shooting, it is still only speculation that Shatner will appear. That being said, this appearance is integral enough that it might survive future revisions.

So what do you say – will it happen? Tell us in the comments below!



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