Win this Kidrobot Venom Labbit Signed by Frank Kozik

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Check out the unique Marvel Comics meets rabbit look of the Marvel Venom Labbit Vinyl Figure! Standing 7-inches tall, this pseudo-bunny features Venom from Spider-Man in superb and grisly detail, green saliva dripping from his teeth and his tongue wrapped around his left side.

Labbit is a smoking, unshaven, dual-personality rabbit character created by world-renowned pop artist Frank Kozik. Originally featured in Kozik’s 90s rock poster art, Labbit was adopted by Kidrobot in 2003. This beloved chain smoker is a born classic. But who cares? Labbit doesn’t!

Comment on our Facebook post for your chance to WIN this Marvel Venom Labbit signed by Frank Kozik! Tell us why you are the biggest Marvel / Spider-Man fan out there. This Kidrobot Giveaway ends Thursday at 4pm PST! Winner to be announced Friday morning on Facebook. Follow us for upcoming giveaways from Entertainment Earth!

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Venom Labbit



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