Happy Birthday to Our Favorite Amazonian Princess

2016 marks the 75th anniversary of the ultimate female superhero, Wonder Woman! DC Comics is kicking off a year-long celebration, culminating in the release of Wonder Woman in theaters next year.

While she’s the most iconic female superhero in existence, Wonder Woman tends to get muscled into the background by the proliferation of Superman and especially Batman. It’s exciting to see DC putting the energy into celebrating her character, and no doubt using the opportunity to drum up support for the film next June.

New Comic Book Day next week will see a new comic series start for the Princess of Themyscira, penned by fan-favorite Greg Rucka. Rucka has written some of the best and most enduringly popular solo Wonder Woman titles in the last decade. It’s exciting to see him return to a character he handles so well. In July, a commemorative box set of Wonder Woman’s best stories is scheduled for release, and a commemorative hardcover edition will be available from October.

There will also be a new infusion of licensed merchandise, from partners including Barbie, Valentino, Converse, Under Armour, along with cosmetics and luggage sets for Walgreens and Pottery Barn. Even Spotify will be getting in on the action, with weekly playlists curated by well-known women in film, television, and sport. The playlists will be chock full of songs to help inspire you to be a wonderful woman every day.

Next month’s San Diego Comic-Con will also feature exclusive Wonder Woman Action Figure and Invisible Jet combo designed by Mattel. But for fans who miss out, there will still be Wonder Woman inspired graffiti art on display, as well as – get this – a life-sized Invisible Jet. The Jet will be lit up at night and fans will have the chance to take plenty of photos!

Wonder Woman fans have a lot to get excited about over the next 12 months! Let’s hope the celebrations are as exciting as they already sound!



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