Every Serious Wonder Woman Collector Needs This

As moviegoers worldwide continue to cheer for Wonder Woman – already the DC Extended Universe’s highest-grossing release, according to Box Office Mojo, and “showing little signs of stopping” – you can plan now to bring Gal Gadot’s stunning portrayal of Diana of Themyscira into your home with this life-sized foam figure replica from NECA.

Standing just a bit taller than 6’1″, this meticulously detailed foam rubber and latex statue captures all the Amazon princess’s strength, beauty, and fierce passion for justice.

Her hand-painted red, blue, and gold armor and silver gauntlets exactly match her onscreen costume. Natural-looking synthetic black hair frames a remarkable likeness of Gal Gadot’s face. With her intricately carved and apparently indestructible shield in her left hand, the similarly magical Sword of Athena in her right, and the golden, honesty-compelling Lasso of Hestia coiled at her hip, this Wonder Woman looks like she could spring into action at any moment to protect the innocent and fight for the flawed “world of man” she nonetheless loves.

Some minor assembly will be required, and shipping restrictions apply. But don’t miss this unique opportunity to celebrate Wonder Woman’s box office breakthrough and the character’s enduring importance as an icon of goodness and truth. Pre-order this magnificent, life-sized Wonder Woman replica today!




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